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21 November 2020

Canine Instincts – Prey Drive

"In all predators the prey drive follows an inevitable sequence: Search (orient, eye); Stalk; Chase; Bite (grab-bite, kill-bite); Dissect; Consume. In wolves, the prey drive is complete and balanced..

13 November 2020

Loss is Never Easy

Today, the American Alsatian Facebook page received a detailed negative review of the breed from a former prominent member of our American Alsatian Owners group. The painful review reminded me of how ..

27 May 2020

Breeding Strongbred Dogs is COMPLETELY Different than Breeding Purebreds

Written by: Lois Schwarz Breeding a NEW breed of dog means a breeder must ‘outcross’ to get desired results, select pups that can get the breeder to the ‘blue print’ of what she is ..

23 March 2020

Companion Dog vs Working Dog

Written by: Jennifer Stoeckl Many training facilities will tell you that you must teach engagement with your puppy. Engagement training is when the puppy learns to keep focus on its handler..

22 January 2020

Understanding Current Events: Euthanasia

Standing near the cold metal table, my fingers shook as they ran gently through the soft fur of my best friend of the last two years. She lay still on her side with her eyes closed taking shallow, qui..