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Dire Wolf Project Book

Have you ever heard that the Dire Wolf Project is just a backyard breeder in disguise? Did someone ever tell you that there is no real science behind the breed? What does it actually take to create a new breed of dog, anyway? Dire Wolf Project co-founder, Jennifer Stoeckl, has all of the answers for you in Dire Wolf Project: Creating an Extraordinary Dog Breed. Peek inside the world of the Dire Wolf Project and learn all about how it all began!


An easy to understand care and training guide. The author, Lois Schwarz, takes you step by step, foot by foot through a teaching process that is so simple you will wonder why no one ever told you about this! This is a MUST for any dog lover!


Pick up this exciting new story featuring the first fantasy fiction book of an American Alsatian Dog named Angelou!

A sound of a footstep echoed from the tunnel entrance. The light of a flashlight appeared from that distance. Stepping into the shallow end of the pool, Marielle cried out. She clung to the bundle tight against her trembling body. Whatever lurked at the cave entrance was coming… coming for her! She knew this was the end. She knew she was helpless. She knew he was coming! Then suddenly the ground beneath both her and Jacob fell away and they were both devoured beneath the water’s icy depths. Neither she, Jacob, nor their DireWolf Dog ever returned.



Want a really beautiful and healthy breed of dog?
If you are thinking about bringing a new puppy into your family, then check out this breed ! And before you commit, do the work ! Research the breed. Buy this book to help you understand the total breed. Educate thoroughly before you buy your new puppy.