Featured Authors

Featured Authors

Jennifer Stoeckl and the Under the Sea Litter
Jennifer Stoeckl sitting with some of the puppies from the Under the Sea litter in 2019.

Jennifer Stoeckl is the co-founder of the Dire wolf Project working closely with her mother, Lois Schwarz, to bring about a new hope of healthier, long-lived lives for our most beloved furry companions. She spent over ten years in apprenticeship learning the benefits of some of the most misunderstood ideas in dog breeding. She has come to know just what it takes to speak up with steadfast purpose for what is right when it comes to fighting for a better life for those creatures that cannot speak for themselves. In the midst of the highly-charged dog breeding and showing world where high stakes prizes, prestige, and money blind those from seeing the desperate cry of pain and suffering that comes with strictly breeding within an archaic and outdated eugenics-based system, she stands with the Dire Wolf Project in firm opposition to purebred breeding practices.

Surrounded by equally outspoken animal activists who ultimately claim irresponsible and harmful dog breeding rhetoric and shame those who dare to speak out against them, she rises up with the Dire Wolf Project to bravely proclaim the truth behind responsible dog breeding. She understands that the animals in our care deserve to be protected from tyrannical and oppressive breeding practices that ultimately harm their futures. With a strong belief that our cherished dogs deserve to live long and happy lives free of any pain that could have been prevented by breeding for superior health above all else, she brings together scientific research and logical reasoning to present a better way of breeding man’s best friend.

In 2008, Jennifer founded DireWolf Guardians American Alsatian Dog Training Program in order to help those who cannot otherwise own a dog unless it is highly and specifically trained for a special need. She trains many different types of service dogs, but is also interested in expanding into courthouse facility therapy dogs where the wild look of a DireWolf Dog may provide comfort and emotional protection for victims of violent crime, especially children.

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Arts degree in French language from Oregon State University. She studies French language and culture at the University of Poitiers, France in 1997. After graduating, she then traveled to Namibia in Africa as a teacher trainer in 1999 where she lived in a mud hut working at local schools to improve the educational experience for children living in the rural savanna of the Caprivi Strip. Upon returning to the United States, Jennifer received a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from George Fox University in Oregon and became a special education teacher where she helped young children navigate school systems with limited resources. She eventually left teaching in 2015 to pursue her dream of advocating for increased health and stable temperaments for our four-legged friends through the Dire Wolf Project’s unique breeding practices.

She lives with her husband, Jay, in the beautiful inland northwest on 28 acres of Ponderosa forest surrounded by state and federal land only a few hundred yards from the glorious Columbia River. In keeping with her humanitarian heart, she became a professed member of the Secular Franciscan Order in 2005 and continuously seeks to live a meager life without the trappings of most societal must-haves, while devoting her life to helping others through her generous support of families in need. She currently lives in a forty-year old 300 square foot meter home where she writes on a solar-powered computer that rests on a small RV dinette booth. She loves nature and animals, believing that all of life is precious from the moment it is formed in the womb to the moment it departs this earth seeking peaceful rest.

In the years to come, Jennifer hopes to continue helping others through her love of dogs. She hopes that all of her life’s experiences will guide her to always take the next right step each moment of every day.