2021 American Alsatian Dog Calendars Are Now Available


  • 2021 American Alsatian Dog Calendars Are Now Available

    22 October 2020

    2021 American Alsatian Owners Calendar October is the month that Dire Wolf Project gets ready for the new year. Each year we produce the next year's calendar in the month of October. We feature as many dogs from the current year as possible in order to achieve a well rounded picture archive of the progression of the breed over time. Each picture in the American Alsatian dog calendar most meet the following criteria: 1. The picture must be of an American Alsatian dog(s) with no other dog breeds or people. 2. The picture must be of sufficient pixel quality to make sure it is not blurred or pixelated upon printing. 3. The picture must represent the Dire Wolf Project's ideals. 4. Pictures representing the current season will be placed in a higher category than generic pictures irregardless of season. Furthermore, pictures will be selected based on how they fit together on each page in order to represent our beautiful DireWolf Dog community as possible. Calendars will be available for $20 at the Dire Wolf Project Store. See you there!