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The Modern Dire Wolf

A new series featuring the Dire Wolf...

The Linden Chronicles:
The Wolf's Moon
by: Patrick Jones

It’s all too easy to let the ghosts you see consume you—but the very things that haunt you can often keep you alive and fighting, as the mysterious widower Mark Lansdowne discovers in Jones’ debut novel.

The novel opens in contemporary Missouri, where Lansdowne, whose friendly exterior masks a history of covert missions and lethal violence, is still recovering from the death of his beloved wife one year prior. But as autumn gives way to winter, the outside world intrudes in a bloody fashion: A string of attacks on locals yields a spiraling body count; the apparent culprit is an animal extinct for thousands of years. A pitched battle with the creature sends Lansdowne to the hospital—where he meets a beautiful nurse—but outside the hospital, evidence implies that the animal Lansdowne killed was not the only one of its kind. Jones’ novel confidently lays the groundwork for future books, with romantic and thriller subplots tightly interwoven in the service of a propulsive narrative. No time is wasted in introducing the characters or the creature, yet nothing feels rushed. Fans of romance may feel shortchanged by the surprisingly chaste nature of Lansdowne’s interactions with the nurse. However, thriller fans will rejoice at the well-paced vignettes and spiking tension. Jones doles out information with care, providing enough history to make things clear without overwhelming exposition. This same care is evident in the novel’s resolution, which ties up loose ends without shutting the door on further developments…

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Game of Thrones

In the new series from HBO, Game of Thrones, a tribe of ancient people find a Dire Wolf mother dead near her surviving cubs. Each boy in the tribe is given a Dire Wolf cub to raise and learn the most important elements of honor and sacrifice needed to claim the king's throne. It is based on a book series by the same name written by George R.R. Martin in 1997. The Dire Wolves in the HBO series are not played by American Alsatians, but Northern Inuits and Czechoslovakian wolfdogs.

The series is a bit misleading in its interpretation of the Dire Wolf. The wolves portrayed in the Game of Thrones series do not resemble Dire Wolves and should not be confused with Dire Wolf size and build. Some of the most obvious features lacking in the wolves deemed to be Dire Wolves are that they possess thin muzzles, legs, and bodies. While this is indicative of the more fleet of foot Gray Wolf, it does not reflect the size and mass of the Dire Wolf build. The Dire Wolf had shorter, thicker legs as well as a larger head and broader muzzle.

This series has spurred an interest in the Dire Wolf and in turn the American Alsatian. We applaud viewers who have taken the time to research the Dire Wolf instead of assuming the wolves on the film resemble the Gray Wolf's extinct prehistoric cousin. It is a fictitious story after all as there is no evidence that prehistoric man lived in tribes that resembled European medieval culture.

It is understandable that the producers of the Game of Thrones series have used dog breeds that more resemble the Gray Wolf, but viewers should understand that the wolf coat type shown in these dogs may really be the only resemblance to the largest canid to walk the Earth, if indeed the DIre Wolf had a Gray Wolf coat.

The Dire Wolf Project
June 25, 2011

9 week old American Alsatian DireWolf Dog puppies.