22 October 2020

2021 American Alsatian Dog Calendars Are Now Available

October is the month that Dire Wolf Project gets ready for the new year. Each year we produce the next year's calendar in the month of October. We feature as many dogs from the current year as possibl..

17 October 2020

Puppy Adoption Questionnaire Updates

Written by: Jennifer Stoeckl Today, Dire Wolf Project, Inc. staff updated the Puppy Adoption Questionnaire to include several new questions. The idea of the initial Puppy Adoption Q..

27 July 2020

Dire Wolf Project Breeder Proposes Two New Genetic Coat Color Hypotheses

Written by: Jennifer Stoeckl The American Alsatian dog breeder, Jennifer Stoeckl, owner/operator of DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC and Dire Wolf Project, Inc co-founder, has developed two ..

13 September 2019

News 2

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