The Dire Wolf Project
  created by the National American Alsatian Breeders Association

American Alsatian ...
domesticating history.

Plan Your Visit to the Dire Wolf Project Headquarters

Come observe, photograph, and snuggle with these domesticated prehistoric Dire Wolf dogs in the making. You can learn about their fascinating 24 year history and meet the founder of this new and unique large breed of companion dog.

The Dire Wolf Project headquarters is nestled in the beautiful Sam's Valley in sunny southern Oregon an hour from Crater Lake National Park. This quaint farm housing the majority of dogs from the project is home to sixteen of some of the most beautiful American Alsatians living today. It is the perfect place to come and enjoy.

Please contact the Schwarz Kennels for more information and to plan the details of your trip. See you there!

9 week old American Alsatian puppies.