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A sound of a footstep echoed from the tunnel entrance. The light of a flashlight appeared from that distance. Stepping into the shallow end of the pool, Marielle cried out. She clung to the bundle tight against her trembling body. Whatever lurked at the cave entrance was coming… coming for her! She knew this was the end. She knew she was helpless. She knew he was coming! Then suddenly the ground beneath both her and Jacob fell away and they were both devoured beneath the water’s icy depths. Neither she nor Jacob nor even their dog ever returned to the surface.

An ancient and powerful treasure comes to earth and falls onto the young Marielle to watch over and protect. She immediately finds herself in grave danger from a sister being, an immortal who seeks to destroy both Marielle and the treasure she holds. Marielle finds hope in preserving her life and the treasure though Jacob Lake, a mysterious man she sees in a captivating dream. Together they flee across the southwest desert only to suddenly find themselves plunged a thousand years into the past. How will Marielle and Jacob find a way to escape their pursuer and keep the treasure safe before it is too late?

Rising new talent Gabriel Paulson presents his first exciting novel. Pursuit of the Keepers is the first in a trilogy series and sets out a delicate balance between tension and solace, adventure and romance.


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First Edition

First Edition

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Signed Copy


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