Handbook for New Puppy Owners


This is the first edition of the American Alsatian puppy training book written by the founder of the Dire Wolf Project, Lois Schwarz. Written for every American Alsatian dog owner to better understand their new American Alsatian puppy and how to start off correctly to help your puppy learn how to be respectful and obedient in the home.

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Ninety-Eight percent of the problems in most animal behavior issues are manifested because a human (the owners) did not know how to communicate with an animal.  The other two percent is the Breed of dog that was chosen did not fit the personality and temperament of the owners.

As you read this handbook, you will hear me say ‘ACT’ so I want you to understand that you need to do just that.  Can you do it?  Let’s just try it.  Open your mind and try something you may not be comfortable with and then see for yourself if this crazy lady is speaking the truth.

Let me tell you that when you act out your anger or over-act your happiness, you will find that your training ability will go through the roof and you will be amazed at the outcome!

So, you think that you will need to over-act for the rest of the dogs’ life?  Nonsense!  Once the dog “see’s” and begins reading the person you are, then only subtle movements will be needed to speak to your pet.  However, if you begin training your dog/puppy with ‘over-acting’ and use your voice, body, eyes and smile . . . then you will find that Fido will catch on faster than you ever imagined a canine to learn. This is our secret!



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