The Dire Wolf Project
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Why the Dire Wolf?

Dire Wolf Project - Anastasia - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian dog

Anastasia - DireWolf Dog

When Lois began her quest for the perfect large-breed companion dog in 1987, she knew that she needed to keep the brains of the German Shepherd Dog, but improve the body structure and tone down the energy and drive they had as a breed. She first chose a large Alaskan Malamute to help her achieve her goals, but what were the new dogs ultimately going to look like? At the time, outward appearance wasn't the focus of Lois's breeding beyond a great structure, so she didn't think much beyond a few keys aspects.

Lois and those who follow her example believe that human-kind has an uncanny way of continually screwing up what nature perfects. This belief naturally leads one to the philosophy that a power greater than human intellect alone can design and shape the world around us for ultimate prosperity. When she allowed this thought to culminate into an idea, she could imagine no greater health in immunity and body structure than the wild wolf. But, not just any wild wolf would do for Lois. She saw a much more powerful wolf with large, round bones and a stout structure. As her new breed progressed, so did this thought that she loosely used to shape her dogs, while she worked on perfecting a non-working temperament and eliminating any health issues that arose.

Although she had the idea of the look of a large menacing wolf for her new breed, she did not yet have the name of the wolf. She thought that perhaps a wolf that could take down American bison would be heavy and stout enough to represent her new breed, but she couldn't quite describe it correctly using a specific wolf type. It wasn't until her daughter, Jennifer, did the research for her on the different wolf types that the Dire Wolf found itself embedded into her new breed. They fit like a glove. All the qualities that Lois was looking for in her new breed of dog fit perfectly with what nature had already designed long ago. The Dire Wolf had large bones and heavy mass with powerfully built jaws, just a Lois had envisioned for the perfect naturally healthy design of her new breed. But, no one knew for certain how the Dire Wolf differed in its movement from the Gray Wolf or why it vanished with hardly a trace only to be seen again under the thick blackness of Earth's entrapment.

With this new vision to help shape the outward appearance of her dogs, she knew that after she perfected the health and sweet companion dog temperament that she would need to breed new crosses into the breed to attain the bone and body structure that fit within the Dire Wolf's dimensions. Although some dogs have measured very closely to the overall size of the Dire Wolf, she still has yet to perfect the overall look, which is the very last phase of the project to develop. It has taken a great deal of time and single-minded dedication to get this far with the breed. Here's to the next years ahead as we continue to develop and shape these dogs to mimic the extinct, prehistoric Dire Wolf using only domesticated dogs. It is our hope that through this work that we can come to a better understanding of how nature adapts to our world through evolution. Perhaps we will just be able to figure out why the Dire Wolf was able to survive for some many years and then quickly vanish before domestication could take hold.  


Dire Wolf Project - Stanley - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian puppy

Stanley as a puppy - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian puppy