The Dire Wolf

The Dire Wolf

The extinct, prehistoric Dire Wolf was the largest wolf to ever roam our planet. Travel back in time to learn about this mysterious giant predator that haunts our nightmares only to vanish in a sudden genetic demise from earth’s landscape almost without a trace.

Without paleontology to map our planet’s prehistoric life, today’s technologically dependent homo sapiens could only imagine what fierce creatures lie in wait under layers of rock and dirt in our earth’s distance past. Armed with humankind’s masterful lust for discovery and passion for adventure, we can now piece together what life must have been like for the extinct Pleistocene life on our great continent. Among those amazing giant mammals was a fierce killer formed with precision to crush bone and dominant the landscape with their large family packs.

Find out more about this awesome beast by clicking on the links below, but stay alert and watch your back as you venture into the wild world of the extinct, prehistoric Dire Wolf.

Dire Wolf Appearance

How did the Dire Wolf's size and structure compare to the Gray Wolf still living today?

  • The Dire Wolf lived during the Pleistocene Epoch in North and South America. The extinct, prehistoric Dire Wolf was real!

Dire Wolf Mythology

Giant wolves haunt our dreams and stories! Was a Dire Wolf really large enough to ride into battle? Find out what is true and false about giant mythological storybook wolves.

What was life like for a Dire Wolf?

The Pleistocene Age

Dire Wolf Domestication

Could Dire Wolves have begun the domestication process?

DireWolf Dogs were created to mimic the exact bone and body structure of the extinct, prehistoric Dire Wolf without using wolf content!

100% Dog, 0% Wolf